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Keren Yachin Doron, Adv.

| General Counsel & Company Secretary

Adv. Yachin Doron is in charge of the legal department and Company Secretary of BIG.

Prior to joining BIG, Keren was the General Counsel of The Meshulam Levinstein Group,

another Israeli publically traded real estate group.

Keren is a member at the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) – a worldwide

organization for in-house legal counsel.

Michael Bar, Adv.

| VP Investment and Global Development

Mr. Bar navigates the company's business development, focusing on the United

States. Mr. Bar joined BIG in 2008 after practicing law for 3 years at Fischer Behar

Chen & Co. (FBC), one of Israel's three largest law firms. Mr. Bar has a European

Master's Degree in Law and Economics (LLM); as well as an MBA, a degree in

economics, and an LLB (all from Tel Aviv University). Mr. Bar is a licensed lawyer.

Yaniv Komemi

| VP Local (Israel )Development

Mr. Komemi runs the company's business development in Israel. Mr. Komemi

joined BIG in 2009 after 13 years as an officer in the IDF, gaining unique skills and

experience, coming in hand in his current position at BIG together with his BA in

Economics and MRE (Master in Real estate) from the Israeli Institute of Technology

(the Technion).

Erez Milstein

| VP Construction & Engineering

Mr. Milstein joined BIG in 2007, and is in charge of planning, constructing and

engineering of the shopping centers in Israel.

Mr. Milstein is a civil engineer, having over 25 years of experience in different leading

organizations, among them Africa-Israel and Amdocs.

Assaf Nagar

| VP & Chief Financial Officer

Since joining BIG in 2007 Mr. Nagar has headed BIG's accounting team.

Mr. Nagar is in charge of the company's reporting to the Israeli SEC.

Mr. Nagar is a licensed CPA and started his accountant career at E&Y Israel.

Hay Galis

| VP & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Galis is in charge of the overall operation, management, leasing and marketing

of the company's portfolio in Israel. Mr. Galis joined BIG in 2003, after already

having 6 years' experience in retail. His last role was in Baran Group, an Israeli

public company.