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BIG World


    BIG's strategy in the United States is concentrated on the purchasing of existing high quality shopping centers. BIG USA is primarily focused on purchasing grocery anchored centers, community centers and power centers. BIG's preferred business strategy is to form partnerships with well-respected

    Operators and managers of shopping centers, who will own certain interest in the properties, along with managing its day to day operation. BIG will contribute its expertise in the strategic management of the acquired properties.


    Since 2008, BIG has begun expanding into Serbia as the leading partner at CEE-BIG, a joint venture formed to develop open air shopping centers in Serbia. Serbia is one of the three growing retail markets in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2012, BIG-CEE opened the Novi-Sad shopping center that comprised of two big box buildings on either side of an enclosed mall, and on totals around of 340,000sqf. The Novi Sad's Mall considered the biggest mall of BIG's group.